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Derailed Thoughts

Humorous insight into life, women, grilled cheese sandwiches, and women. By Britton Kowalk.

Daily Derbi

Automotive news and editorials from the one and only Chad Waite.


The place to get your music fix. By Matt Showalter


2 responses to “Links

  1. Laura

    Hi Tyson !! I just discovered your orange vespa picture from Paris, and you cannot imagine how happy i am!! I’ve been looking for that vespa since 2007, when i saw it for the first time in Paris where i live, and i took myself a picture with it because i liked it very much! Then i saw it for the next 2 years in the same place in the same period by coincidence and i found it so funny that i became an orange vespa hunter 😉 But since then i never could find it again! I have a veeery big collection of orange vespas around the world, but never with my prefered one! Internet is wonderful and you made my day !! When did you actually saw it?
    Cheers !

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