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Proud to Represent

Here we have a MINI Cooper who had a run in with a Chevy Tahoe. Since

the MINI is completely superior to the Tahoe in every way, it decided to
rub it in by kicking the crap out of it too. Although I don’t support
violence, I stick by the MINI’s decision.

These pictures were taken by the firemen who arrived on the scene. They
were so amazed that they took pics with their cell phones.

Here is a photo I used to show people when I worked at MINI who didn’t

believe that MINI’s are safe. If you notice the personal area is still intact,
thus preserving life.


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The call of the MINI

Lately there has been a disturbing trend going on at my work, MINI of Murray. We have basically had to tell people to go away.

Now, I like people. I don’t have anything against people. But sometimes, just sometimes, they can be quite daft. In the past few months as all of you know, there has been an upward rise in the price of gas, and as no surprise, the sales of our MINIs have gone through the roof. Juan, one of our salespeople, sold 32 cars in the month of June! This has of course, led to their being quite a large shortage, of MINIs.

This leads me to my point. We don’t have any MINIs, but if you want to order one, you can. This is what we have to tell people, and it usually evokes anger. For some reason, they believe that they should be able to walk into any MINI dealer, of which all are subsidiaries of BMW, and walk down a line of endless MINI Coopers of all colors and option availability. Now, as much as they may wish that MINIs were as available as any american brand like Chevy or Ford, they aren’t. They are English. They are built in Oxford, England. They travel here on a boat. Last time I checked, cars that travelled by boat aren’t as common, or cheap as one that is built next door.

As a dealer we are alloted only 480 cars A YEAR. That means that we get about 1/4 of that in cars to sit on the lot, and the rest is all made up of people who have the foresight to order one before the day they need it, and the patience to wait 2 months for a $30,000 purchase.

The small car trend is great. I think that we need more small vehicles on the road. Not because I am some huge environmentalist or anything, just because I think it ridiculous that all these humans are being pushed around by these behemoth chunks of empty cargo space, blasting through astronomical amounts of an un-renewable resource. It isn’t safe. It makes me cringe every time someone says that they or their wife drive an SUV so that they “kill the other guy”. They say it so calm. They are serious, but say it like a joke. Do you realize what you are saying!? That is maniacal.

I don’t want to tell people that we don’t have any cars for sale. I wish everyone could drive a smaller, more fun vehicle like a MINI, but for now, as America wrenches out the engrained desire for big, muddy vehicles, England will continue to take care of her own, well groomed and efficient city streets.

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