Someone Thinks You’re Dumb

Remember that one time when you were driving down the road and you pointed at someone and said “look” to the person sitting next to you? Chances are, that has happened more than once, and your intent was to point out how silly/stupid/dumb that person looks doing/wearing/driving whatever they were at the moment. I have. I bet you have too.

No matter what you do, like, listen to, or wear; someone thinks you are an idiot for doing so. No matter what. Being one of peculiar tastes, I have been on the other end of this many times. I have also been surprised at how someone can laugh at me one moment and another someone else will compliment me for the same thing seconds later.

It is amazing how many different tastes there are. For instance, I cannot understand in the slightest people’s affinity for certain popular music. The same could be said for them regarding my favorite music I’m sure.

Something that I have realized is that most unique people who I see do not upset me in the slightest. I think that it is a human reflex to mock others to justify personal stance on whatever topic the mockery is based upon, but I have realized that if I suppress that urge, then it is okay to be “interested” by the person I am seeing. Let me give you an example.

Do you know what what Larping is? It is the word made up to describe those who enjoy “Live Action Role Play” (L.A.R.P.). This is a derivative of roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons and the video game World of Warcraft. In these games, people take on roles of mystical creatures and animals with special powers and combat their friends who also play these roles. Somewhere along the way, some people decided that they were tired of sitting around a table rolling dice, and wanted to dress up as their respective creatures, and run around acting out the games. This includes giant foam swords and spears being carried and sometimes with people wearing makeup playing monsters for enemies. Do I hear you snickering? Hold on.

What makes their hobby any more strange than yours? Smearing oil paint around a canvas to create representations of scenic vistas sounds just as crazy as Larping when you think about it. There is no “normal.” Only majorities, conventions, and societal norms. This just means many people participate in these things, not that they are “right.” People laughed at Galileo Galilei for supporting the heliocentric model.

The other day I saw a group of Larpers gathered together. They were wearing scabbards over their tights, and carried more leather accessories than most people do on a normal day. Do you know what I thought? Rock on. Enjoy your life. Do what you want to do. It made me excited to see someone smiling.

I’m not saying I’m perfect. I still hold violent malice towards Smart Car drivers. But with a little work, maybe I can learn to appreciate their passion too.



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2 responses to “Someone Thinks You’re Dumb

  1. Britton

    Ha! Fantastic post, my friend.

  2. Michelle

    Ha, the ‘larping’ sounds exciting to watch.

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