Why Ye Need Not Wait

“The time for living is now” -Someone, I’m sure.

This post is aimed at the 2nd generation buyer. Oh ye of little faith, ye do not buy the first revolution of any product for fear of better things. Today I was at work answering questions about Apple junk (as always) when one kid said to his friend smugly, “I’m gonna get next year’s iPad, it will be way better.”

Being rude and belligerent, I interrupted, “Actually you should wait for the one that is coming out in 2013. My money is on it being thinner and faster. But why stop there? If you wait 5 years I’m sure you could get this one for $25, you might as well wait till then.”

What does this illustrate? The bad logic that is prevalent within consumer-culture. While it is true that something better is likely around the corner–something better is ALWAYS around the corner. Due to the scourge of trendy flow charts being all around the web these days, I have compiled this small chart for anyone not understanding my logic. For better use of charts, go here.

This does not only happen with electronics. I used to work at BMW of Murray selling Mini Coopers. Last summer, the government was dishing out cash to anyone who bought a new car while trading in a piece of crap. What a deal right? I had people coming in, ready to buy a new car and take advantage of the beautiful deal. Quite a few asked about the rumors of a 4-wheel drive Mini. I said that while likely, nothing had been formally announced. Here we are almost a year later and guess what? We are still about a year away from the launch of that vehicle. Those people could have enjoyed a Mini for 2 years and then upgraded to the new one when it came out. Instead, they were so afraid of something better, they didn’t do anything at all. Do you know where they are now? Dead. Hit by a bus. Every one of them. They should have taken their last chance to do what they wanted.

Although this post may be primarily gadget themed, I would like to add that this can apply to most anything in life. I’m not going to get all mushy talking about living life to its fullest etc, because I am mainly just talking about stuff. The kind you can hold in your hand. Though you can apply it however you want. After all, the author is dead. This isn’t supposed to be about how you should seize the day (though you should click this link) or any new-age bologna. I am continuing my quest against bad logic because it drives me crazy.

This isn’t to say that one shouldn’t buy smart, oh no. It is when people try to be extra smart that gets on my nerves–acting like they know something others don’t. There is a legitimate value of usage time. In other words. the fact that your product (X) does (Y) and mine doesn’t does not matter, as I have been using mine for (TIME) while you have been using (NOTHING).

I am not encouraging blind consumerism either. Let me refer you back to my handy chart. We all need less than we want. So spend wisely. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. But if you are going to buy it eventually, and you have the money now, just do it. Don’t tell us how smart you are because you are going to wait.



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2 responses to “Why Ye Need Not Wait

  1. Britton

    Hahaha! I love this post

  2. Michelle

    That’s funny. I was telling a couple girls the other day I was considering getting an iPad and they said the exact same thing: “If I were getting them, I’d wait until they come out with the new generation.” I didn’t say anything back, but I wish at that moment that I had this blog post with me.

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