My Obituary (in the Classified Ads)

Man and Wife

Body for sale. Well used. 1986 model. No paperwork included. Original owner. Near running condition. Great for someone who wants a fixer upper (advanced medical degree suggested). Often left out in the sun, and thus dried out at times with leather cracked and peeling. Well loved. Many miles, fortunately. Mostly used around town, but many freeway as well. Air and sea mileage only on special occasions. Not bad looking, but not the best either. Red interior. Some missing parts, and some work better than others. Smoke free.

This will go fast, call today.

I wrote this while thinking about how I would like to have lived my life when I die. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon (that I know of). I have already lived 23 years on this green, blue and brown rock hurtling through space, and feel pretty good about it so far. But the years previous have been easy ones to have fun. I have realized that pretty much from here on out, I will have to make a conscious decision when I am going to kick my feet back and not work. Especially since my planned profession will require a lot of my time. I’m okay with that, but I hope I can manage to realize that I am working to live, and not living to work.

Isn’t that it really? The reason I go to school, is so I can get a job that will enable me to not worry about the cost of living, and otherwise enjoy that living. I hope I can do that, and if my body were like a vehicle of some sort, the ad wouldn’t look like one for a peach 60’s era coupe that has been parked and preserved inside.



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3 responses to “My Obituary (in the Classified Ads)

  1. Michelle

    Very nice. I enjoyed this. It’s interesting to think about how much time you put in to something. I think my life is lopsided in that way, but not for long, thankfully.

  2. Hey Tyson,
    i just discovered your blog after reading your guest post on DailyDerbi. I like how you write! Keep it up man, and i ll follow your entries.
    Great seeing you on the new years.
    Kirill the russian

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