Phonebooks? Really?


It seems that every two months or so, a giant phone book is plopped on my door. I didn’t ask for it. I don’t need it. But now I have to get rid of it. Who uses phonebooks? Okay I understand little grandmas probably do, and  luddites in general. But hundreds of pages of inky yellow paper that I didn’t ask for, keeps showing up on my door.

I’ve never worn canvas sneakers, and my shampoo is not phthalate-free. I would rather run than drive a Prius, and although I think that chickens should be saved, it should be in nugget form in my freezer. Despite these facts, even I can see that these behemoth publications make Mother Earth cry like she is watching Oprah. Okay maybe not, but it is annoying to have to dispose of them.

It turns out it takes more trucks, manpower and energy to recycle these books than it would to just throw them away. And if all the solid waste for the next thousand years were put into a single space, it would take up 44 miles of landfill, a mere .01% of the U.S. landspace. So that isn’t really an issue, despite what Wall-e says. Not to mention that we have actually increased the number of trees in the world as logging companies plant more to insure future supply.

In the paper industry, 87% of the trees used are planted to produce paper. For every 13 trees “saved” by recycling, 87 will never get planted. It is because of the demand for paper that the number of trees has been increasing in this country for the last fifty years. The lesson is this: if your goal is to maximize the number of trees, don’t recycle.“(Ludvig Von Mises Institute)

So obviously that isn’t the reason I am fed up with these books. It is more the principle of it. “Here, take this giant book that you have no use for. Giving it to you earns us money.”

While I am on this topic of money, let learn about some farmers who take money.

Organic Foodspepper_533

What are the purported benefits of Organic foods? Suckers proponents say that eating foods that come from Organic certified farms is more healthy and better on the environment. This sounds well and good, but is it true? Let’s look at chicken eggs. Birds that are destined to give organic eggs can be fed non-organic food for up to 18 weeks before the farmer changes the diet. After they have been on an organic diet for 8 weeks, he can charge three times the price and be “certified” organic.

Sometimes organic foods have to be shipped even further than their non-organic counterparts. It doesn’t take a genius to see the problem there.

Chemicals and pesticides. Have you ever thought that we might have started to use these for a reason? Organic farming, although happy and clean, is inefficient. Wearing a purple bandana and not washing your armpits won’t do much to keep away all of the bugs that want to eat your entire crop. Food production has increased tremendously since we started using chemicals to protect it while it is being grown. I wonder what would happen to our food supply and prices if everything had to be grown organically again. Oh, thats right.

I take antibiotics, why would I want the cows I eat to avoid them? Would I rather have their diseases? In addition, I like the fact that preservatives help keep my food from rotting before I eat it. There is no proof that organically grown food is any healthier.

If you want to waste your money on food that costs 3x too much, and might not actually be better for you, fine. Have fun. Just don’t pretend you are better than the rest of us.



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3 responses to “Phonebooks? Really?

  1. Michelle

    Hey, interesting blog. Just one thing I have a question on “I take antibiotics…” You take them regularly? Or just when the doctors gives them to you? Just wondering…

  2. clancycoop

    Only when I am sick and Natalies Mom makes me take them.

  3. Natalie Call

    And our phone book is still sitting outside the door…

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