The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Rarely do I see a flick that I want to see again the second it is over. When I got home from watching this movie, I decided to read a book, but decided not to because then it would ruin the “aftertaste” of the movie I had just seen.

Why You Need To See It
The writing, cinematography, special effects and overall feel are fantastic. I went into this movie knowing that I would probably like it, but that expectation was far surpassed. It is no secret that the film industry is running out of ideas. If I see one more “I’m from the ghetto, you’re rich and we are going to dance together” trailer, I just might chew off my own face.

Brad Pitt, although often on the covers of magazines I wouldn’t wipe my nose with, has definitely won me over. Having starred in films like Fight Club and the Ocean’s series he has established himself as more than just an incredibly disfigured face… that poor, poor, ugly soul…

This movie is not one that you need to see in the theatres, but if you do wait, make sure that when you watch it, someone isn’t making food in the background or talking. You want to really watch it.

It might make you cry, but I didn’t. I don’t say that in a manly sort of way, but to establish that it isn’t that kind of film. Some movies try their hardest to wrench your heart out at a specific moment, making you burst forth with obligatory tears, showing that you aren’t a heartless meathead. This isn’t one of those, but if you cry I will forgive you, as it is understandable.


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  1. Chad Waite

    Dude, I will see this movie because of Brad. If you liked his acting in this check out some of his older films like Snatch or Seven. I think he is such a freaking good actor. I am glad you liked it. I really want to go see it.

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