The Beta Meister!

So there is a trend that has been pointed out by others prior to me, and I wanted to throw in my two cents.

I installed the Windows 7 beta on my HP mini, and am lovin’ it (except the more whiteboy way: “loving it”). It is a beta version, but seems quite good so far. I have one driver issue that has yet to be resolved (Windows OS with a driver problem? Well I never… kidding!) But overall it has a beautiful UI and they truly did improve upon the taskbar that was one of the things that drove me into Steve Job’s turtlenecked arms in the first place. The preview function is awesome.

But this is all besides the point, which is not aimed directly at Microsoft, but beta culture in general. For those not familiar, the beta culture is where software developers release their product initially in beta (or as a preliminary release) so that basically regular ‘joe warcrafts’ do the testing and report the bugs. This is all well and good, except, an OS? Seriously? This is what I think happened:

Vista was a failure. Whether it truly deserved to be is another discussion (I don’t think it deserved what punishment it got). But I think that Ballmer’s boys are tricking us a little. After using this OS, it seems pretty stable. So I think that they are basically releasing Windows 7 now, though under the Beta guise so that if everyone complains they can fix it before the official release? Very, very smart, though tricky. I don’t blame them, I just think that is what they are doing.

Do you think this could be possible?


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One response to “The Beta Meister!

  1. Chad Waite

    I think beta-testing is a wonderful form of free advertising and meticulously planned PR. Take Halo 3 for example. Bungie “let” the community try Halo 3 for free in the form of a beta test. It caused a hysterical response from fanboys and seen more as Bungie throwing a bone to an impatient community. The fact that it was an incredibly beneficial testing sequence to Bungie seemed to be forgot as long as I could kill something.

    I totally agree that Windows 7 is riding the “holy crap, you get to see Windows 7 before anyone else!” hype train, but who cares…as long as I get to kill something.

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