I can’t believe you said that

Not really, I can believe you said that, and I don’t care.

Something that has been on my mind recently is how easily offended everyone is these days. Some people make a hobby out of it, by playing the side of the underdog and being offended just because it seems like someone should be. For example, we just finished Christmas. Kwanzaa and Hanukkah aren’t over yet, but we all have to go back to work. Why is that the post office is opening back up, but my store clerk won’t say merry Christmas to me? Why should I get offended if the predominately celebrated holiday in this country is mentioned publicly? If someone said Happy Hanukkah to me I wouldn’t mind, because it is representative of general well wishing, and honestly these greetings don’t mean that much anyways. Most of them are just generic, and said out of habit.

I am not arguing that we should completely ignore anything that isn’t the majority, I am just saying that everyone needs to get off the eggshells they are stepping on and just walk around. I will say a catholic prayer if a catholic wants me to, someone can acknowledge my race or gender if they feel so inclined, and I will tell you if I like girls or boys. The last time I checked, individuality was something that our country claims it supports.

The interesting thing is that usually the group that is “getting picked on” isn’t even the one that is complaining. It is people who feel that they need to stand up for the underdog and defend them against wrongdoing. This makes it so that there is no possible outcome, as the complainers never feel appeased as they never actually had stake in the issue to begin with. They are looking for something to complain about.

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One response to “I can’t believe you said that

  1. Britton


    My sister wished my a Merpy Hanakwansmas the other day just to make sure I wasn’t offended.

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