Facebook Groups

So you don’t like the fact that they are getting rid of your favorite TV show: Teenage Mutant Blossom Rangers, and you want to do everything you can to prevent it. What can you, a twenty-something college student with no money do? Start a Facebook group! 

They have an amazing success rate. So far they have successfully:
-Elected Various individuals President in 2008, despite their only being one position. 
-Prevented the ‘new’ Facebook layout. 
-Made Pluto a planet again. 
-Cured Cancer 
-Stopped all Prejudice and Bigotry  

So why not start a group?! They have an amazing degree of functionality in the world. Say for instance that I am CEO of a large corporation that thinks its cool to dump waste into your mouth, the only way I might reconsider is if 75,000 college kids join a group on a social networking site. THAT, my friends, is how it works.  

Thank you.


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2 responses to “Facebook Groups

  1. Britton

    Mmmm. Satire.

  2. Natalie Call

    Ah ha ha I thought I was going to get Rick Rolled but then it was just a McRoll….

    I think we should also start a group called “bring back the unicorns and sparkles,” I’m sure we’ll win or change or succeed or whatever you do when everyone signs up.

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