Those Crazy Cats

YouTube, what is it good for? Ask 95% of the population and
they will tell you funny cat videos. Okay maybe not, but they
should! For some reason, cats, with their sharp little eyes
and silent bewildered looks seem to find themselves in front
of cameras much more often then dramatic gophers, and
with good reason! At the suggestion of my lovely wife, I
have compiled a number of these cat celebrities in no
particular order. If you have any you feel I missed, add 
them in the comment section!

Cat Jumps and Misses

This poor little guy didn’t know that paper is not sturdy enough
to stand on, even for a cat. I do believe, however, that his owner
probably had a part in this little kitty’s fate.

Roomba Driver

I can’t describe the feeling that I have while watching this little
guy calmly pilot the Roomba vacuum in small circles. Although
he isn’t actually controlling it, I wish that I didn’t know. Drive
on little Roomba kitty, drive on!

Cat Sitting Like a Human

Although the original didn’t have the german ballad playing, after
a little soul searching I decided that I like it and it adds to the
vid, so there you go. The joy that this cat brings me every time
I encounter his laid back personality tastes something like skittles
mixed with butter.

Cat Jumps Into Wall

Yes, I know the title to the video is completely misleading, but
despite that fact I felt that it was in your best interest to
partake in this feline’s demise. Yes, the cat died.

Scared you. I have no idea.

Ninja Cat

This cat has definitely got skills. I’m sure he ate his owner that
night while he was sleeping, which is awesome.

A Montage to Take Us Out…

If this didn’t make you smile, you’re lame.



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2 responses to “Those Crazy Cats

  1. Chad Waite

    Tyson, a wonderful post, it truly is. But I think you forgot the root of where the “cat craze” took off.


  2. Britton

    That last video is amazing

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