I Have Seen the Light

On November 19th, Microsoft upgraded their Xbox 360 user interface to include an incredibly confusing new menu that incorporates many more ads and stupid avatars that nobody wanted… but that’s beside my point. 

NETFLIX. They added Netflix as well. For those of you who don’t know, Netflix is a subscription based movie delivery service. Traditionally it has been used to deliver movies to your house through your mailbox (which I always have thought was a stupid idea), but have since added streaming capability. However, this capability was limited to PC’s, and since my only PC has a 7-inch screen, I never subscribed. Recently though, they added Mac compatibility, and streaming to the new Xbox 360 interface. They also offer a free 14 day subscription to try it out. I immediately jumped on this, even though I have been planning to subscribe as soon as it was on Xbox. 

I’m already hooked. So far tonight I have watched Ben Stein’s “Expelled“, a portion of a Warren Miller film, and now I am watching “Planet B-Boy” a documentary about breakdancing. Interesting yes, but I would never have walked out of a Blockbuster with any film that has “B-Boy” in the title. But since it is available at a moments notice, and I can turn it off at anytime with no waste, I’m there!

So tonight as I have gone about my business, rather than having the news on or some reruns, I have learned about the intellectual brick wall that proponents of Intelligent Design have been facing, what the pow pow was like in Whistler last winter, and now all about the athletic as well as artistic side of breaking.

Stay tuned for  what’s likely to be a very intense rant about the new interface, including how Microsoft copied the Wii, tricked us into more ads, and can’t make a decent interface to save Ballmer’s sweaty pits.

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