Fond of blonde bond and beyond.

This the battle that was going on in my head until the most current Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. This movie takes the cake, eats the whole thing, and then lies to everyone about where it went. It is hands down, shoes-untied, falling off a building better than other Bonds in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the Bonds, but this one was so very well done that it makes me question my love for Brosnan.

However, the video game of the same name is quite the opposite. I had high expectations, and maybe that was my first mistake since it is a movie game. Movie games tend to be kind of like the smelly kid in class who hasn’t yet discovered deodorant, people stay away but they don’t know why.

Supposedly it uses the same game engine as Call of Duty, a little known game that has something to do with Duties and them being called, but I don’t see it. The controls felt twitchy and weird. There is feature that involves using anything and everything for cover. What this usually means is that you will spend the entire game with your gun poked around a corner plugging an endless string of baddies that for some reason have wedged their way into the story. 

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that they have to add more warm bodies for you to shoot, but when they forgo letting you drive the Astin Martin and make you shoot about 20 henchmen in a sewer (which don’t even slightly fit into the story line) it starts to upset.

One thing that was INCREDIBLY AWESOME, was that they included a new version of the facility map from GoldenEye that is equally awesome. I’m sure they probably have some sort of paintball mode, but they didn’t keep my attention long enough to find out. 

What I expected, was Call of Duty for with tuxedos instead of camouflage. What I got was Goldeneye‘s playablility in 2008, which though classic, isn’t needed now.



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2 responses to “Fond of blonde bond and beyond.

  1. Chad Waite

    The facility map, even though one redeeming feature, might be enough to make me love that game.

  2. Britton

    Agreed, my friend. That movie definitely lied about the cake. And beyond.

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