Hypothermic Love

Slowly but surely, it is coming. Like the end of the episode while watching the Office, you don’t want it to arrive, but it always does. Winter happens every year and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I used to like winter. When I was heavy into snowboarding (most of my K-12 education) winter was looked forward to. But ever since I got the MINI, and now the scoot especially, winter means one thing; a lack of traction. Icy roads are annoying.

I don’t mind the cold so much. As you all know, I lived in Alaska for awhile. Ever since then Utah’s coldest still feels like t-shirt weather. The fact that your vehicle could slam into another at any moment with no fault of your own is what really gets me. 
I’ve continued to ride my scooter in the cold because it is fun. I don’t mind that it makes your hands stay in a claw shape after you arrive at your destination. I feel that it is a kind of tough love that my scooter shows me. I get to have a fun, zippy ride, and the scooter gets to keep its oil rushing through its veins. It’s win-win.
Let’s veto winter. If all of us continue to wear shorts and flip flops, I think nature should get the idea. 

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One response to “Hypothermic Love

  1. Chad Waite

    Winter= Vetoed!

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