Customer Service? More like… not customer service! Customer… Sucky!

Did you know that every single person that works for Microsoft is from India? Okay not really, but they outsource their “customer service” there. I recently had a small problem activating Windows, and had to be thrust into the pit of death that is technical support.

For those of you who don’t know, I have to run windows on a virtual machine in my Mac so that I can have Internet Explorer because whoever made my online math course program decided to make it incompatible with anything good. I had to reinstall windows on my computer because I failed to back up my virtual machine from my old computer, and was just finishing up when I ran into a snag.
“The activation key you have provided cannot be used because it has (been used too many times).”
No problem right? After all, if someones computer breaks, that doesn’t mean you have to buy windows all over again right? You just call them, and they unlock whatever, and it works again.
You have to call the support number a total of about 10 times because you will get transferred to dead links and the automated system will not have the answer you need. You try desperately to contact an actual human being, and when you do, they just bounce you around departments like a human ping pong ball.
So went my experience. I literally spent an hour and a half on the phone, and never got an ounce of help. I usually don’t get angry, but I did. Even when they gave me the supervisor, he was unable to comprehend that I may not want to be transferred right back to the dept. that transferred me there.
I know this is two anti-microsoft rants in a row, but the only time that I have computer problems is when I dip my foot in the cesspool of Windows.
Oh, and what was their answer to why it wasn’t working?
“It shouldn’t be displaying that message.”

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