Why I can’t stand PCs.

WARNING: Do not read if you have a love affair with the status quo. This argument is not well-r0unded, unbiased or fair.

First off, there is one argument to many of the points I am going to present: “You don’t know what you are doing. If you did, you would like it.” That may be true sometimes, but when a system is inherently unintuitive, it has no excuse. On that point…

Filing System- Something you will often hear windows users complaining about is where their hard drive space went. Good luck, the filing system of windows is equal to an octopus that has 8 limbs growing out of every 8 limbs out of every 8 limbs times 20.
Status Bar- Is that what they are called? I am talking about how when your processor is completing a process it shows a little green bar that fills up to show you where you are in the process–and its useless. Who knows how many times it will fill up. It may fill up 8 times and say 5 minutes remaining, only to start filling up all over again and change to 9 minutes… shoot me…
Customization- 1000’s of possibilities, means thousands of possibilities to break. Why is it there are so many places that fix PCs, and only 4 stores in all of Salt Lake and Utah Valley to take care of 10% of the area computer market? I like tinkering with computers, but I haven’t been able to since I got my MacBook because… it is always working smoothly.
No One to Answer your Queries- With a Mac, if it isn’t working, you go to the Genius bar and they fix it AS YOU WAIT most of the time, and show you what went wrong (likely gross user error, as they usually run smoothly like I just mentioned).
They Aren’t as Cheap as You Think- My Information Systems class had a challenge to find the best deal on a 1.8 gh, 160GB computer with other things, and Apple came in 3rd, with a free printer, and it was 2.4 gh instead. 
Spyware/Virus- Do I even have to mention this? For those who don’t know, Macs don’t get them. They were also Y2K compatible from day 1 for what its worth. 
Shelf Life- When I bought my HP last July, it was worth 1/2 as much 3 months later. Natalies Mac is still worth 3/4 its original value, and it is 2 1/2 years old.
Steve Ballmer-Is an idiot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvsboPUjrGc
Irony- Just now I was trying to embed that video, but it kept saying that I don’t have flash EVEN THOUGH I JUST INSTALLED IT..twice. I hope that is the video that I wanted, because this PC I’m working on right now won’t let me watch it.
Design- Most look as if they were fashioned by Grog, a prehistoric man using a chisel and stone.
I didn’t even mention any of the good things about macs, but if anyone disagrees with any of these, comment! I would love it if someone were able to make my little Eee PC actually worth its salt in the computing world.


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8 responses to “Why I can’t stand PCs.

  1. Britton

    While I do agree macs are well built, I do have one rebuttal to your last challenge.

    EE PC vs Mac?

    Let me make an analogy. Say that you redid David and Goliath but David had his arms and legs chopped off to make him more portable. Then argue for David.

    PS is her mac really worth that? That’s amazing.

  2. Tyson Call

    No I had an HP Dv1000 (or something) running Vista. It cost $1,200 when I bought it and I had it for 5 months.

  3. Tyson Call


    Thanks for the comments Britton, I like it when people hear something and don’t just automatically agree.

    And I like your analogy. Poor little Eee David…

  4. Tyson Call

    Mac Antivirus software is just snake oil.

    If you were McAfee, would you just ignore part of the market? Money money money!


  5. Michelle

    Why did you buy a PC? That surprised me when I read it. Now that I have a Mac I don’t think I could ever go back to a PC. I’d agree with a lot of what you said, but the nerd that you are (and know that you are) a lot of that computer talk went right over my head.

  6. Tyson Call

    I still have my Macbook, and it is the one I use. I also got a little laptop that is a PC as well. I got it because it is so small.

  7. blakebishop

    Two things. 1) I have been very persuaded by your argument Tyson… wait, what was your argument?… goes back and reads again… was it just that PC's suck? Well if that's the case then… I guess I was persuaded? I don't know. Anyway moving on. 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5oGaZIKYvo&NR=1 I thought you might enjoy Ballmers response to the iPhone. That made me laugh.

    But when it comes down to it. I would rather buy a 500 dollar computer than a 1,200 dollar computer… because I'm poor.

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