If you liked last nights "The Office" then read this.

This is a blatant rebuttal to Chad’s post, because I thought that maybe some of you might have liked the new episode. Here is why I liked it.

-All of the sub-plots. One of the advantages of a mature show is that you can get to know a character so well that you know how they will react to a given situation. When an attractive woman walks in the Office and it shows Kevin just looking at her, it makes you laugh because you know he would give his right arm just to sit next to her. However, this can also be bad because at this point you can no longer get a laugh just by having them do the same things over and over. So, the writers put our well developed characters into new situations.

For instance, the Ryan-Kelly debacle just gets funnier and funnier. Their awkward blooming relationship, Ryan shunning her as he rose to the top, and now Kelly fake kissing in front of him now is something I have never seen in any other show before. (I love the development of Ryan “the temp” into what he has become. His character has been a roller coaster of hilarity.

-Jim and Pam. Sure they squeezed every last bit they could out of the relationship, and made us wait the whole summer to find out how it would end, but good on them for doing it in the first episode! I agree that it would be upsetting if the new art school kid interferes with Jim and Pam that would be a little too soap opera-ish. I am glad its official, and the gas station proposal definitely took me by surprise.

-I love continually finding out more and more about the characters. For instance, when we found out that Stanley used to “fight the power” with other afro-clad young men, it was oh-so-fitting and quite subtle, but funny.

-I like the new characters. Holly is a good sidekick to Michael, and although I forgot about her over the summer, I am glad she is back. Technically, Andy is still a new character, though doesn’t it seem as if he is. Ronny the new receptionist (that is now gone) is like one of us, an outsider, looking in to the crazy world that is Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. 

I am glad that The Office is back in my life. I have had a small void without it that needed to be filled. I just have one thing to say about all of this and that is:

Bears eat beets. Bears… Beets… Battlestar Galactica.


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