What in the name of Zeus is a meme?

You know exactly what a “meme” is, but you may not know it. I am pretty geeky–you know this already. However, I didn’t know what this word meant until recently. There are different meanings, but am talking about Internet memes. You may have seen the sneezing panda, the Star-Wars kid, the Numa Numa dance or Miss Teen South Carolina sharing her vast amounts of knowledge and philosophy with the world on National TV. All of these, are memes.

A meme is a digital file, video, photo, saying, or cultural reference that is passed on to others via the Internet. Chuck Norris jokes have spread and caught on in the last couple of years due to people sharing them with each other over the Internet.
The term was coined originally dealing with evolutionary traits and social trends. Clothing, songs and beliefs are all a part of this definition.
If you have ever heard of a video that “everyone has seen” and all of your friends are quoting it and talking about it, it can be pretty annoying. Well, now is your chance to do a review. Here is a timeline that contains most of the memes that have been popular since the conception of the Internet. If you zoom in, or click a certain area, it will show more from that time period. I am warning you now however, you could spend forever watching all the videos, and reading all of the posts and links contained. 

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