Do U no wat Im saying?

Text talk, txttxtspktxtk, or texting language. That is what you have seen your little brother, sister, or possibly even your boss using in text messages. What you may or may not have seen, is one of these people, or someone else in your life, use that in an email. Maybe you have even seen someone you know use it somewhere else. One thing remains the same throughout all of these possibilities however:


I will not sit by and watch as one generation completely ruins what all of our english teachers have tried to instill in us. They have taken us by the hand, lead us down the path of grammatical enlightenment. They have ruled with an iron fist, blasting away those who demean lady English. And now, with the swiftness of Ninja who is wearing split toed boots, the next generation is imploding the our language, just because their thumbs cannot move fast enough. 

Here are some examples of the abbreviations, and word shortening that goes on nowadays:
Sorry becomes sry, “soz”, or “sori”
Talk to you later becomes ttyl
-Thanks becomes thanxthx, or fnx
Tomorrow becomes tom2moz2moro2mrw or 2mara

What would Mr. Presley think? Okay, maybe thats a bad example. But I for one will not stand for it. I think its fine if little kids use it in their text messages. What I don’t want to see is mainstream adoption in our culture, and it becoming necessary for adults to learn these abhorrent stylings to survive.


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  1. Britton

    I applaud you, my good man.

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