School Schmool.

As school begins again, I have had to get things in order for this coming semester. Parking passes, bills, and pre-reqs are all part of the grand parade that is college. It is the kind of parade that doesn’t care if you fall off the float. It is a lumbering giant, moving at a steady pace that never stops. Some people are able to run far ahead of the parade and get pictures, while others fall underneath the tassels and streamers to be squashed beneath its hidden wheels. 

I feel I am of the 2nd variety this time around. In the attempt to meet pre-assessment requirements I have failed and get to go through the jumbled bureaucracy that is UVU. 
I understand that sometimes bureaucracy is need to get things done orderly, but others it steps on the head of those it is supposed to help. I give the example the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). I recently had to visit the Salt Lake DMV in order to get a motorcycle endorsement for my driver’s license. What should have been a simple affair, turned into a multiple hour torture session. My experience started with coming to the door only to find a line going out of it. As I got in the line, I checked my bag to make sure that I had everything I needed such as ID, license etc. As I got to the end of the line, which was approximately 20 minutes long, the employee handed me a paper, told me to fill it out, and go through the line again! What?! Why weren’t the papers next to the line, so that I could fill it out as I am waiting? Why wasn’t I given a number at that time, rather than waiting again, only to show the man my filled out paper, in order to receive a number to wait again?

I watched as everyone who came in waited in line so that they could get a paper, only to wait again to get a number, to wait again in a larger waiting area (where at least you have a chair.) This whole process, mind you, is to HELP PEOPLE get driver’s licenses. Yet the DMV has become synonymous with bad customer service. The employees are government employed, and don’t care how long you wait or how much you suffer.
So this brings me back to my point. How much of our life is spent in line? Waiting for things just because “thats the way it is”. I think too much of it. How much of our lives are we just trying to meet requirements imposed by agencies and people that, when all is said and done, only have authority over us because we have delegated it to them?

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