Aygo Crazy?

For all of you car enthusiasts out there, I wanted to show you a little gem that I have run into. I don’t know why this little car has grabbed a hold of me, but I think it is pretty neat.

The Toyota Aygo is a small car that has been produced for the European market for about 3 years. Well, this year at the British International Auto Show in London, Toyota introduced the Aygo Crazy. The name being influenced by what it sounds like “i-go” is meant to represent freedom and mobility. Well, the “crazy” comes from the fact that this version has had about 3 times the horse-power thrown under the… well, trunk and it is now turbo-charged.
Aygo Crazy has a rear mounted 1.8 litre VVTi engine from the Toyota MR2 and Celica, fitted with a Toyota Motorsport turbocharger. They claim it has 197 BHP.
I think that the reason I think this car is so cool, is because it is small, cheaper, yet still performance oriented. The original Aygo is actually just a little consumer directed hatch, hardly enough to cause a rise out of any car enthusiast. However, just as other companies have done many times before, Toyota has released a tuner version of one of their vehicles. However, instead of merely badging it differently and giving it a different interior, they have completely given it a facelift.
I guess I see this as a fun little car, good for buzzing around town above the speed limit, but not one that I would ever consider buying above 25 years old. There are many other hatches that I believe are much better looking, specifically by Audi.
Check out the video below for a quick summary, or this link here for a track test and more in-depth driving.

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