Like a Taco, My Opinion is Supreme

Okay, maybe mine isn’t. But that seems to be the general opinion of most people on the Internet these days. If you would like a depressing display of bias, racism, poor-grammar, and many other things, the quickest place to turn to find all of these things is a YouTube comment board underneath a video. These feelings are displayed generally any other place where people are able to anonymously post opinions on various topics.

Here are some fine examples of what you might find on YouTube:

xxRollerCash512xx said:

dud thts lame

GroGnor said:

woah I think xxRollerCash512xx is %#@! LOL :0)

WizardKid14 said:

Linux Rules

And Etc…
Brilliant. This kind of sentiment is not new however. As I have progressed through my years, I have had many opportunities to see life through the eyes of many different types of people. Something that I have realized is that with every single issue, item, or opinion to be had, there is always someone fighting for the other side. No matter what. I can’t think of a single issue that doesn’t likely have someone fighting against the vast majority. Here are some examples.

PT Cruisers– These mommy mobster look-a-likes have graced our streets for the past few years with the elegance of a leather boot, and the style of Al Capone if he were little league soccer coach. Ask someone who owns one why they like them, and I am not sure what they would say, because I can’t see any logical argument as to why one would want to drive/own/be seen with one of these vehicular monstrosities.

Crocs Footwear– “They are so comfortable!” the proponents of this trendy shoe proclaim as their reason for adorning them. Well, if my wardrobe were decided purely by comfort, I am pretty sure I would be wearing a feather pillow with holes punched out for arms and legs. And no, that image is not distorted, that is just how they look.
Dashboard Confessional– Love him or hate him we can only know one thing for sure: He wears small T-Shirts.
Rap Music– “I listen to it for the beats” is something that you often hear from rap fans. “I listen to it for the deep, insightful lyrics with poetically structured rhymes.” Is something you never hear.

Windows/Apple/Linux- The ultimate geek battleground. Which OS will win? Well, Windows probably already did a long time ago, but that hasn’t stopped Steve Jobs from biting the back of Microsoft’s legs a little.
Obama- Now with “make your co-workers get into arguments” action.
Rick Astley– Though I think it is impossible for me to decide which side I am on. I hate the song, yet it gets stuck in my head, then singing ensues.
Canada– Just kidding of course. We know everyone hates them.
This leads me to my point. I realized a long time ago that whatever you do, someone will try to do it better. Whatever you wear someone will make fun of it. Whatever you say, someone will call foul. Whatever you believe, is wrong to someone else. So it really doesn’t matter what others think. I don’t say that in the cliche’ gothic teenager sort of way either. If you were in Salem, MA when the “witches” were burned, and you said that the townspeople were mad, you would have been vastly outnumbered, and therefore “wrong”.
The reason I mention this is because if you are one of those people always trying to please everyone else, I have some news for you:
You. Will. Fail.
This does not mean that you should stop trying all together. It just means that you will likely never reach your goal, and feel unfillfilled after a life of trying to meet all other people’s expectations.

The moral of this story: you should tell me everything I have written here was totally lame and wrong.

Yay for opinions.


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2 responses to “Like a Taco, My Opinion is Supreme

  1. Britton

    Best blog ever. I want to disagree with it just for fun, but don’t have any grounds yet… oh well. Here goes.

    You’re a bigot. And… stop.

  2. Why did this just show up in Google Reader? I don’t get it. I forgot about this, though, so I’m glad it did.

    Also, good comment, past version of me. Hi from the future.

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